Alice R Collins

Alice is an intuitive body worker and has been since she was 15 years old and more recently became a certified Equine Cranio Sacral Therapist and Equine Massage Therapist.

She worked in the veterinary field for several years in her early 20's and was going to become a vet tech specializing in horses, when life redirected her with the arrival of her first daughter. Alice chose to focus on family, had 3 more children and loved being a stay home mom knowing that she would enter back into the "working" world at some point.

20 years later the call of her Soul brought her to an awakening, Spiritual path, new ways of healing, a divorce and a completely new way of Being.

Working with horses has always been a passion of Alice's and now life opened the doors for her to step into and follow her hearts passion. Being an intuitive body worker has helped Alice to hone her ECST and EMFT skills while expanding her ability to "hear and feel" what the horses' body is saying.

Horses are amazing beings, with huge, loving hearts who are here to offer unconditional love to anyone and everyone who is willing to open their heart and receive. Many of the horses I work with have been lovingly rehabbed from having been previously abused and or neglected and it blows my mind at how much love and compassion they radiate and share as they heal and are loved.

Alice understands the importance of meeting the horse where they are and honoring their need for feeling safe and comfortable. There have been times when she did body work through the rails of a horses paddock, the horse leaning into and drooling, sighing and relaxing through the body work. He would change sides as she asked him and present the areas that were sore and needing massage. In that moment, this is what he needed to feel safe and comfortable and it was an incredible session!

There have been other times, when meeting with a new horse that had been severely abused previously, she spent the first sessions simply standing beside and then inside the horses paddock, allowing the horse to move freely as she become comfortable with getting to know Alice. This was done with discernment and safety for both Alice and the horse. Once the horse became comfortable with her presence, Alice was then able to offer ECST and help release the held emotional traumas through several sessions. Chande is now much more relaxed, happy and more comfortable meeting new people.

    To make an appointment for equine cranio-sacral therapy or equine massage therapy, or if you have questions about ECST or EMFT, please contact me via email
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These therapies are NOT intended to replace proper veterinary care.

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