Equine Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Helps to relieve stress, pain, anxiety and emotional trauma through a light touch technique applied to key points on the body. This light touch bypasses the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight) and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (calm/relaxed).

As this happens, the horse is naturally able to release held tension in their body which relieves, stress, pain, held emotional trauma and a variety of other issues and improves their immune system, blood pressure, mood, comfort and performance.

Equine Massage Therapy (EMFT)

Helps improve and condition the skin, muscles, tendons, circulation and facia through the application of massage. 

Through regular massage your horse feels better, more relaxed and is less likely to experience injury. The more supple and flexible the tissues, tendons and facia as well as with a generally improved mood/disposition, the more your relationship with your beloved horse can improve and grow. This does not mean your horse will never be grumpy or have an off day. Horses can have off days just like us.

Healing takes time

Whether from an emotional trauma or some type of injury, correcting and healing a long standing issue takes time. It did not happen overnight, it's seldom going to be healed in one session.

Most of the horses I work with require a series of weekly sessions to unwind and help the horse heal.

I have had one session shifts where the issue was corrected in that session. This is not common and usually due to the owner noticing the issue as it developed and acting quickly to resolve it while continuing the suggested work each day after the session.

    To make an appointment for equine cranio-sacral therapy or equine massage therapy, or if you have questions about ECST or EMFT, please contact me via email  info@alicercollins.com
All inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours.

These therapies are NOT intended to replace proper veterinary care.

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