Alice R Collins

I have always loved and wanted to work with horses, ever since I was a small child. At that time, veterinary care was the only mode of healing for animals that I was familiar with, so that is where I originally set my sights when it came time to think about careers.


Early in my marriage, I worked in a veterinary clinic doing general cleaning chores, animal care and feeding, even occasionally assisting in surgery. I loved the job and was preparing to begin classes to become a veterinary technician when I learned I was pregnant with my first child  and both job and school were put on hold. After she was born, I began classes... and life threw another curve ball when two foster children came into our lives for a year before returning to their mother. Life was quite different after that, sooo...

After several years, three more children of my own, and a divorce later, I discovered alternative healing arts and realized there are many different ways to encourage and support health and wellness. As I went through my own healing process, I began working with people and became a holistic health care practitioner as a certified medical intuitive, life coach, counselor, intuitive massage therapist ( which I  have done since I was a teenager) and fully ordained minister. It is work that I enjoy, yet I felt a piece was missing.

When I learned of ECST and EMFT that piece fell into place and ignited a deep passion I had not felt in a long time. Life has brought me full circle and home to where my whole heart is -- working with horses.

    To make an appointment for equine cranio-sacral therapy or equine massage therapy, or if you have questions about ECST or EMFT, please contact me via email
All inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours.

These therapies are NOT intended to replace proper veterinary care.

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